This program is split into four levels and is tailored for students in Academic Years five and above.


It is a detailed course that progresses students through the levels with a focus on expanding their opportunities and training as they progress.


It is a balanced program with a strong focus on academics particularly in the lower levels, ensuring the students have a balanced program that enables them to achieve their goals.


Our desire with this course is to nurture each child so that their passion and aspiration for ballet and / or contemporary can flourish, and in turn will meet their goals of a professional career in their chosen feild.

We feel by nurturing and guiding each student individually we cater to their development as a dancers and as individuals.


If you feel that this program is for you and are interested in developing your skills as a dancer, we encourage you to arrange either an open or private audition. All students interested in the program are encouraged to arrange an orientation day where they can experience a day as a full time students to get a feel of the program, the studio and the family like community that we feel makes our program unique, as well as organise a meeting with us so we can cater the program to you.